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Complimentary bidder registration is available beginning August 1, 2019 via Smartphone, iPad, Tablet or PC. Complimentary bidder registration is also available on the auction site. A few simple steps are required for either process.
To pre-register on line, simply snap a photo of your driver's license (or passport) with your Smartphone or digital camera. Upload it on line or send it to us via email ( or text message 818-253-9622. A confirmation email or text will be sent back to the prospective bidder which will pre-authorize the bidder. A photographic copy of a 2017 or 2018 bidder credential from a) any recognized collector car auction company, or b) any recognized auction firm having issued the prospective bidder a 2017 or 2018 bidder's credential; or c) any recognized auction firm operating on the Monterey Peninsula during the August 2019 weekend will also be required to bid. If you are not planning to attend any of the Monterey/Pebble Beach functions or events this August, please so state in the "Additional Notes" section of the pre-registration process.
The easiest method to register on the auction site will be to provide a photographic copy of your current bidder credential from any recognized auction company operating on the Monterey Peninsula during the same weekend, or any recognized auction firm having issued the prospective bidder a 2017 or 2018 bidder's credential. This document together with a photo of your valid driver's license or passport will be the only secondary requirement.
If you are a registered bidder with eBay and have a valid account, you can register simply by entering your EBay bidding name and password. With 100% positive feedback and a bidding record indicating your ability to buy, you will be approved to bid with us. Use of your eBay identification in our bid process is not automated. Our personnel will view your eBay history prior to any bid being accepted by us.
For online bidding, the email address you supply is used as your secure bidding platform and bidder identification. Any password submitted on our site is not made available to us, so be sure to use a password you will easily remember when logging in. Do not "make up" an unusual password you are likely to forget.
No additional banking Letters of Credit or bank Letters of Guarantees will be required. If you are authorized as a bidder with another recognized auction firm, you are authorized to bid with us. Our on line bidding process is similar to the more popular internet auction sites in operation today, however, all internet bids will be screened carefully by our IT staff and we reserve the right to refuse any bid a) not submitted by a pre-authorized bidder, or b) not submitted by a recognized bidder.
For bidders not wishing to participate in the auction using a Smartphone or smart device, special on site absentee bidding or telephone call in privileges will be offered. Please visit the auction office on site for special instructions on these alternative bidding methods.
The auction office will be open from 10:00AM to 10:00PM each day... Thursday, August 15 through Monday, August 19. Remember, any unsold vehicles will be available for continued bidding...either online or on the auction site...through Monday, August 19 at 6:00pm PST.
Most all automobiles in auctions conducted at Monterey have reserve other words a minimum bid required to purchase the car. Most all bidders believe the key to knowing how to determine a car's reserve price is to simply take the lower number of a car's catalogued Estimated Value or Pre Auction Estimate. That could be true with the big auction companies, but possibly not true with the smaller auction houses like ours.
Our Estimated Value is simply our overview of a car's current market value. It does not necessarily reflect the actual amount of dollars it may take to buy a particular car. We recommend bidding not only with your heart and passion for that certain automobile, but with also your pocketbook. If you feel the car of your dreams is valued less than the low estimate provided on our website, don't be afraid to try and buy it at a lesser price.
We do not sell cars in the scope of a few minutes...we put them up for sale over a period of days. We are in constant contact with our consignors during that time frame, and we inform them of the current highest bid. Some cars will sell for more than the high estimate and some cars will sell for less than the low estimate. Don't miss out because you thought you were out of the running from the first time you spotted that estimated value. Bid your price. You just might take home a prize.
Imagine. Instant Auction Bidding Credit for your Trade!
Because the overall atmosphere and buying climate at our Monterey auction is unlike any other auction...relaxed, very casual and with much personalized attention...any potential buyer has ample time to inspect the cars and make intelligent decisions. You'll have all the time you'll require to discuss our easy bidding options with any one of our highly knowledgeable automotive experts. Don't have all the funds readily available to bid on the car you desire...we'll be happy to discuss any trade scenario and allow you the bidding credit you need right on the spot. Most all the cars we sell at Monterey are on a handshake...not a last second fall of a hammer.
All bidding will begin at 2:00PM PST on Friday, August 16.
All bidding will end at 12:00A Midnight PST on Saturday, August 17.
The vehicle lot number is only an identification number and does not correspond to a time of day.
First To Reserve Bidding: First to Reserve bidding is our method of offering a "Buy it Now" price. General bidding at this auction is scheduled to end at midnight PST on Saturday, August 17. Certain consignors have requested their cars be listed to be sold immediately upon meeting the reserve price, so if their vehicle were to meet the reserve prior to the end of the scheduled auction bidding period, that owner would have immediate credit with Rick Cole Auctions to bid on another car. Certain cars will be highlighted with the designation FTR on the website, digital catalog, actual vehicle, related printed auction materials or any handout, and of course on your Smartphone bidding platform. So please take notice...the first bidder to meet the reserve price on FTR vehicles will have purchased that particular vehicle regardless of the overall bidding time period. If the reserve is met using the FTR process, all registered bidders will be sent a text message indicating there are only fifteen (15) additional minutes to increase the current winning bid.
All bidding will begin at 2:00PM PST on Friday, August 16.
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