How It Works

We have created an auction atmosphere where the buyer is in total control of the action. Rather than sit or stand for hours in a crowded venue, our auction environment will allow buyers to inspect the car of their choice at their leisure at any time over a three day vehicle display period. Bidder registration will be available in person on site or through a few simple steps from your Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet from anywhere in the world. Bidding instructions will be provided at time of registration, but the auction will be run in a similar but safer method than the recognized internet auction leader in the field.

Using your smart device, you will be able to watch and monitor each car’s bids, or simply “Set Your High Bid and Forget it”, wherein your device will automatically bid for you in set increments established by price category. Bidders will also be able to place bids by telephone, or an Absentee Bidder Form, if they prefer. The Smartphone portion of the auction will end on Saturday, August 17 at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Any unsold car(s) will be available for continued bidding continuing Sunday, August 18 through Monday, August 19 at 6:00PM PST. Successful buyers will be emailed invoices immediately following the auction together with acceptable payment information. All sold vehicles will be kept safely in the hotel garage until pick up by common carrier no later than Wednesday, August 21 at 6:00PM.

Consigning a Car

Our Monterey Auction will be conducted as a boutique event showcasing a variety of collectible cars which should suit just about every taste. Because overall display space is totally indoors and limited to the ballroom of the hotel, less than forty (40) cars will be offered.  Obviously, when compared to other auction venues on the Monterey Peninsula, consignments will be quite limited. If you wish to consign, please contact Rick Cole or Terry Price directly.  See contact information for telephone numbers or email addresses.  Sale commission is ten percent (10%). There is no entry fee if your car is accepted for consignment.

Buying a Car

Simple and complimentary bidder registration will be available thirty (30) days in advance of the auction. The easiest method to register will be to provide a photographic copy of your bidder credential from one of any other auction companies operating on the Monterey Peninsula during the same weekend, together with a photo of your driver’s license. Simply snap a photo of each with your Smartphone or device camera and send to us by text message. A special text number will be supplied for this process. A confirmation text will be sent back to the bidder to authorize the user.

This process can also be completed in a matter of several minutes on site at any time during viewing hours.

No additional banking Letters of Credit or bank Letters of Guarantees will be required. If you have a Bidder’s Credential with any of the other auction firms, you are as good as gold with us. Buyer’s premium will be the industry standard ten percent (10%). Applicable California Sales Tax will apply if you are not a registered automobile dealer.