Our History

Rick Cole conducted the first auction of important classic and sports cars ever held in Monterey. His successive auctions for more than a decade forever changed the landscape of the historic weekend. He has overseen the operation of over one hundred auctions during his forty-plus year history in the field.


The team of Rick Cole, Terry Price and Reggie Jackson combined offer more than one-hundred years of professional experience in collector car auctions, private automotive sales and brokerage, knowledgeable car collecting, and professional client care to present the ultimate Monterey Auction experience.


animated-rickRick Cole: A chance opportunity in 1970 at the age of 16 to wash cars at one of the this country’s first collector car showrooms ultimately paved the way for one of the most successful careers in the classic car auction business. In 1974, a second chance introduction led Rick Cole to be named director western operations for Kruse Classic Auction Company, then the world’s largest such collector car sales firm. In 1979, Rick launched his own collector car auction firm.

Among highly successful auctions in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Rick’s annual auctions in Newport Beach became known as the “Scottsdale” of the West Coast, and over close to a twenty-year span, repeatedly broke every known record at the time for attendance and sale prices realized. Newport Beach became so popular it was the only auction in that era ever to be conducted semi-annually. A true collector himself but a marketer at heart, Cole was often first in the auction field to bring new and exciting concepts which would bring buyers and sellers together.

In 1986, Rick conceived and conducted the first classic sports and racing car auction ever held in Monterey during Concours weekend, and subsequently for more than a decade forever changed the landscape of car collecting’s most popular weekend. Cole was once quoted: “When I envisioned the first auction in Monterey, there was a car show and a car race. I introduced car commerce to the Monterey Peninsula.”

The Rick Cole Monterey Auction has brought an entirely new and fresh sales approach through a unique, customer friendly experience. “The collectors I know make decisions on purchasing cars within a few minutes of learning of a particular car’s availability,” Cole states. “At this auction the buyer can spend only the time he wants or needs to physically inspect the cars he wants to own. He or she can then go play golf, have a lovely lunch, out for a wonderful dinner….or any number of automotive related events on the Peninsula.” Now you can simply push a button or make a call on your phone to bid and ultimately buy a car. “I call it touch or talk bidding,” Cole states proudly, “we’ve created a way to bid and buy on the fly.”

This auction concept proved highly successful upon its debut in 2014 and has garnered a lot of positive attention not only from automotive enthusiasts, but also media worldwide. The concept has already paved a new path in the collector car industry.

about-terryTerry Price: Fascinated with fine cars from an early age, Terry Price began his professional automotive career in 1978 as a shop apprentice at a Ferrari and Rolls-Royce service facility in Northern California. Naturally curious and eager to learn all aspects of care and repair of both marques, Terry first mastered the art of wood restoration for the famous British automaker. After several years, he progressed through the various ranks, working in the restoration shop where he again mastered the restoration process through hands on fabrication, metal work, and ultimately paint finishes.

In 1985, Terry opened his own small shop and over the next few years moved to larger facilities more than once to accommodate an ever growing and appreciative clientele. During that time, he also brokered cars, but soon realized he much preferred buying cars, properly refurbishing them, and then reselling them. Terry founded Legendary Motorcars of California in 1994, which has continued to flourish for almost twenty years, providing only the finest in collectible Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and other marquis automobiles.

Terry Price first met Rick Cole in 1986 when Rick responded to an ad for a Ferrari 275 GTB. The two have been friends ever since and over the years have together provided numerous collectors around the globe with world class automotive investments. In bringing the Rick Cole Auctions brand back into prominence again in 2014, their long association now comes full circle as a partnership for perfection.

about-reggieReggie Jackson: Reggie Jackson is a former major-league baseball right fielder who played twenty-one seasons for the Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and California Angels. Mr. Jackson was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993.

Jackson was nicknamed “Mr. October” for his clutch hitting in the postseason with the Athletics and the Yankees. He helped Oakland win five consecutive American League West Division pennants, three consecutive American League Pennants and three consecutive World Series titles. Jackson was most notably pivotal in helping The New York Yankees win four American League East Division pennants, three American League Pennants and two more consecutive World Series titles. He also helped the California Angels win two AL West divisional pennants. Reggie Jackson is perhaps best acclaimed for hitting three consecutive home runs on just three swings and just three pitches from three different pitchers at Yankee Stadium in the clinching final game six of the 1977 World Series.

“I’ve enjoyed my relationship with Terry and Rick for decades and have purchased many cars with the help of their expertise”, states Jackson. “Not only have I acquired numerous automobiles with them to keep, but also a number to eventually resell as well. All of my Ferrari’s…more than a ‘baker’s dozen’…I own today because of Terry’s expertise. Anyone can see I’ve both benefitted and enjoyed my long-time friendship with both men. I’ve always felt they were interested in each side of the trade. Our partnership in the auction field is merely the natural progression of our mutual respect and fondness for each other.”

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Mission Statement

Providing customers the finest auction experience while respecting efficient use of their time.

Our Monterey Concierge Team

The Monterey Auction will have on hand a team of highly qualified automotive experts to assist bidders with vehicle inspection, evaluations, bidding options such as in-person verbal bids, the completion of an Absentee Bidding Form, and/or personalized instruction on how to easily use our proprietary mobile bidding platform on your tablet, smart device, or Smartphone. Feel free to ask for one of these experienced professionals at any time during the auction inspection hours.

Steve Sunshine

Steve Sunshine, at 5 years old, could name every car as it went by...he never got a single one wrong. At 14, he began helping his best friend's brother work on muscle cars and would perform flawless tune-ups by 16. He soon realized he would never forget the cars that simply made his heart jump out of his chest. Jaguar E-type's, Shelby Cobra's, Corvette's and also anything Italian. Now 60, he has owned, restored, raced, and sold some of the world's most expensive and important automobiles. However, Steve prides himself on keeping his horse trading under the radar. His expertise, experience and knowledge is relied on by the most discriminating collector. His personal passion is unearthing "Original & Unrestored" examples that turn a colorful world into black & white with the turn of a key. New to our team, we welcome his passion and true love for the automobile.

Andy Greene

A car nut since 15, Andy has 38 years of experience working professionally in the collector car and vintage racing field, with Ferrari being his personal specialty. Experience in restoration, maintenance, vehicle brokerage, and having actually raced many European marques, including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Cobra, Porsche, and all things Italian and obscure. His experience in the vintage racing arena is both as a mechanic and pilot. Andy has prepared cars for the Mille Miglia on multiple occasions, without a single DNF in the record books. He has also restored and maintained cars for several noted collectors, such as Dr. Ronald Finger, Norman Silver, Jack Boxstrom, and Harold Javetz.

Joe Frazar

Joe Frazar has been a lifelong sports and classic car enthusiast. In college he worked in the European sports car service Industry, but subsequently left for a few years to form a career in the investment world with an NYSE member firm. His true passion was always calling him back, and today he owns and operates a full service retail dealership, finance company and sports and classic car repair and restoration company in Savannah, Georgia. Joe has personally owned a very extensive list of collector and specialty cars over the years, and always has something new and exciting entering his personal collection. He provides collector car consulting, service, restoration, and marketing expertise to his very diverse clientele in the Southeast.